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Boneless Gammon Joint

Delicious, great either boiled or honey roasted. This moist and tender gammon is ideal served hot with seasonal veg or cold with chutney and fresh bread.

Brisket of Beef

If you’re looking for a flavoursome, tender joint of beef, our boneless 2kg beef brisket is ideal.

Cut from the lower chest/breast area, brisket is typically a slightly tougher cut of beef. Slow cooking the joint over the course of a few hours will melt away the fat and connective tissue, leaving tender meat basted with rich, beefy flavour.

It’s also perfect for searing on the barbecue directly over hot coals to get a distinctive smokey taste that everyone will love.

Our team of award-winning butchers cut, prepare and trim each joint fresh to order to ensure maximum quality assurance.