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Try our selection boxes to taste a sample of our finest meats. They are grouped into categories so you can choose from sausages, steaks, and BBQ packs. These selections are all discounted which we hope will encourage you to try them and come back for more! The perfect birthday or Christmas present.

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BBQ Pack – 4 people

A selection of our finest BBQ products to impress your friends and family at a great price.
Pack contains :

8 x Boston Sausage

4 x Marinated Mini Chicken Fillets

4 x Chilli Pork Ribeye Steaks

4 x 4 oz Beefburgers


£22.00 £20.00
Steak Lovers Selection Box

This selection box contains :
2 x 300g Sirloin steaks
2 x 300g Ribeye steaks
2 x 250g Gammon steaks

All weights are approximate as they are hand sliced and trimmed by our expert butchers.

£50.70 £48.00
Sausage Selection Box

The box contains 5 different varieties of our finest hand made Lincolnshire sausages and 4 hand made pork burgers.

X-Large BBQ Pack – 8 to 10 People

A large selection box containing a generous selection of our BBQ favourites.
Pack contains :

4 x 6 Boston Sausage

8 x 4oz Beef Burgers

8 x Thai Marinated Mini Chicken Breasts

8 x Mild Chilli Marinated Pork Loin Steaks

8 x  Minted Lamb Steaks

Meat Lovers Selection Box

A selection of our finest meat cuts. Each item is packed in freezer bags so you can freeze and defrost them at your convenience.

£135.55 £125.00
Gourmet BBQ Pack

The selection box is ideal for the larger party where the finest cuts of meat are required. The quality will certainly impress your guests and have everyone praising your BBQ skills!!
Pack contains :

2 x 6 Boston Sausage
6 x 300g Scotch Sirloin Steaks
6 x Chicken Supremes
8 x Minted Lamb Steaks