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A selection of the most popular mouth watering cheeses that we retail in our farm shop, a must for any well dressed cheese board. Certain to raise compliments. Please note should a specific cheese not be available from our supplier we will substitute for an alternative similar product. BEST-BEFORE DATES: Our cheeses are cut fresh to order, once cut we put a 12-14 day best before date. Certain cheeses will last longer than this advised date depending on your refrigeration temperatures. We always advise eating your cheese as fresh as possible. Each item will have an individual best before date on the label when it arrives. Soft cheeses will be best eaten within 5 days of delivery. Please note all cheeses are hand cut, therefore the weights listed are approximate. We try our best to get as close to the weight as we can. All the cheese are suitable for home freezing.

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Dambuster Cheddar – 200g Truckle

Dambuster Cheddar is a full flavoured, pasteurised, strong Cheddar cheese produced in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, in honour of the RAF 617 squadron based at local RAF base, Scampton.

The mature cheddar is wrapped in a distinctive black wax, helping the cheese retain the soft, creamy texture whilst maintaining it’s classification as a firm cheese, and preventing further maturation upon leaving the dairy.

Colston Bassett Stilton

Stilton is one of Britain’s best known cheeses, and the Colston Bassett that we buy has an ideal balance of fruity and floral blue veining and creamy, buttery paste.

Made with pasteurised cow’s milk and animal rennet.

Delice De Bourgogne

The first choice on many cheese boards and a customer and staff favourite.


Delice de Bourgogne is a French classic triple crème cheese made by Fromagerie Lincet on the lines of other classics such as Brillat Savarin or Explorateur. It originated in the Burgundy region of France where the company factory is located.



The Montagnolo is a triple-crème blue cheese. This means that the bluing throughout is quite light, which, combined with the deliciously creamy texture gives an ultra-smooth and very moreish flavour. It’s slightly salted too.

One of the best sellers on the cheese counter.

Black Bomber Extra Mature Cheddar

Extra Mature Cheddar, award-winning Black Bomber loved for its immense depth of flavour and smooth creamy texture.

Sold by Whole Cheese – approx 3kg| Half of a cheese – approx  1.5kg | Quarter of a cheese – approx 750g | Eighth of cheese – approx 375g

Lincolnshire Poacher Cheddar

Traditional Lincolnshire Poacher is typically matured for 14-16 months and has plenty of up front flavour and a good bite. A hard, mature cheese that is somewhere between a cheddar and a Swiss mountain cheese.

Tunworth – 250g

A pasteurised English camembert-style cheese, with the thinnest rind and a fruity tang. Winner of ‘Gold’ at the World Cheese Awards 201

Smoked Lincolnshire Poacher

Traditional Lincolnshire Poacher is smoked at a local smokehouse over untreated oak chips.

It spends 24 hours in the smokehouse giving it a rich smokey flavour that compliments the cheese beautifully.

Godminster Organic Cheddar

A firm pressed, distinctively burgundy-waxed cheddar with a rich, mellow, full lingering flavour. Hand made in Somerset from the farm’s own cattle, this vintage cheddar has a memorable and exceptionally creamy full flavour.

Grana Padano – 200g

Though similar to Parmigiano Reggiano (Parmesan),  Grana Padano is inexpensive because areas producing the cheese are bigger. Moreover, Grana is less crumbly, milder and less complex than its long-aged sibling.

Cote Hill Blue Cheese

A blue cheese that has a wonderful balance between the rich creaminess of the milk and peppery bite from the P.Roquefortii mould. It matures from a slightly chalky centre to a creamy sometime runny texture. The natural rind contains an array of moulds that develop the flavour of the cheese.

Cashel Blue

An easy-eating blue cheese with a pleasantly buttery texture and a balanced amount of blue veining which adds a lift to the rich, full-flavoured paste.