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A fantastic range of handmade products and home cooked meats. There is no substitute for quality!

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Haslet – 400g (approx)

A delicacy in the county of Lincolnshire and parts of Leicestershire, made using roasted Boston sausage meat.

Hand crafted pork pie

Hand crafted by our expert butchers. This exceptional pork pie is made with the finest cuts of pork, tasty jelly and a light and crunchy pastry. Superb!! New improved recipe!

Sliced Stuffed Chine – 250g (approx)

A Lincolnshire delicacy. Tasty collars of bacon, hand sliced and stuffed with parsley. Fantastic in a sandwich or with a salad. Home produced. Approximately 6-8 slices per 500g.

Cooked Sausage Pie

Short crust pastry cases, filled with our delicious Boston Sausage Meat and covered with a lattice top. – Approximately Serves 2-3.

Sliced Honey Roast Ham – 250g (approx)

Our traditional ham smothered in honey and brown sugar and finished in the oven to give a lovely dark crust. The perfect sandwich filling or great with salad.  4 slices per 250g.

Snack Pork Pie

Perfect for packed lunches or picnics.

Sliced Home-Cooked Ham – 250g (approx)

Fantastic quality traditional ham, home-cooked and covered in golden breadcrumbs. Approximately 4 slices per 250g.

Huntsman Pie

Handmade in water crust pastry with a base layer of pork pie meat, chicken breast and topped with sage & onion stuffing.

Sliced Ox Tongue – 250g (approx)

Premium Ox tongue, full of flavour and ideal for sandwiches or as part of a salad. Approximately 4-5 slices per 250g.

Half a Honey Roast Ham – approx 1.5kg

The finest dry cured ham glazed with honey and brown sugar and cooked to perfection. Just slice and serve!

Poacher Pie

Handmade in water crust pastry. A base and top layer of pork pie meat with a middle layer of cheddar cheese and topped with caramelised onions

Pork, Stilton & Cranberry Pie

Handmade in water crust pastry. Our secret recipe pork pie meat with added finest Stilton cheese and topped with glazed whole cranberries.

Traditional Cooked Ham

Traditional cooked ham covered in golden breadcrumbs. Can be purchased sliced or in a joint.

Sliced Roast Leg Of Pork – 250g (approx)

Home cooked roast leg of pork. Fantastic with apple sauce in a sandwich. Approximately 8-10 slices per 500g.

Whole Honey Roast Ham – approx 3kg

The finest dry cured ham glazed with honey and brown sugar and cooked to perfection. Just slice and serve!

Ox Tongue Joint

Traditional Ox tongue. Great in a sandwich or as part of a salad.