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Mountain’s Boston Sausage Wooden Crate

Made from solid wood in Boston our stunning little boxes have so many uses .

Pocklington’s Luxury Plum Bread With Cherries

The Traditional Plumbread is based on the recipe of Myra Pocklington; the wife of our founder with added Cherries and Spices. She would bake the Plumbread, allow it to cool then serve to the farm hands – covered in home churned butter and a slice of thick, cheddar cheese.

Modens Plum Bread

Award winning fruit loaves contain plump sultanas and raisins. They are made and moulded by hand, and then baked in individual tins. This gives them their distinct Modens shape, and the benefit of a golden crust all the way around the product.




Welbourne’s Special Plum Bread 650g

Packed full of fruit, this award winning plum bread has received many awards for it’s quality and taste. The famous award winning Welbourne plum bread has always been the bakery’s speciality and still has the same recipe as it did all those years ago apart from shortening being used instead of lard. For more information about this great Lincolnshire business please visit, http://www.welbournesbakery.com/

Home Produced Lincolnshire Honey – 340g

Croft Apiaries are independent bee farmers producing Lincolnshire honey. Although based in North Lincolnshire they also have bees in the South of the county and some their honey is produced in Yorkshire on their pollination sites.

The honey they produce in Lincolnshire comes from the field crops and hedgerows from various apiaries, together with honey produced from the outskirts of a large village where there are many lime trees, brambles and good gardens.

Mountain’s Boston Sausage Butchers Apron

100% cotton butchers apron with ‘Keep Calm and eat Mountain’s Boston Sausage’ stitched text. Racing green colour with white text.

Finest Goose Fat

Use Cottage Delight Goose Fat to achieve the ultimate roast potatoes. Cottage Delight Goose Fat can also be used to roast pork or to fry cep mushrooms. 170g jar. Goose Fat has a long shelf-life usually in excess of 12 months. Once the jar has been opened, like home produced goose fat, it will keep for 2-3 months in the fridge.

Mountain’s Boston Sausage Mug

The perfect Christmas or birthday present for sausage lovers!

Rapeseed Oil – 250ml

Pressed and filtered by methods used to extract the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil Rapeseed oil contains half the amount of saturated fat as olive oil Contains omega 3 & 6 – essential fatty acids which help protect the heart and lower cholesterol Rapeseed oil is a source of vitamin E Multi use – it has high heat tolerance, smooth texture and a natural flavour It can be used for frying, baking and roasting as well as in marinades, salad dressings, sauces and drizzling Made from the finest of oilseed rape; grown, pressed and bottled in Lincolnshire.

Extra strong reusable Eco bag

Impress your friends and help save the planet with our extra strong Eco bag. The extra long handles make carrying heavy shopping on the shoulder easy and comfortable.

Sausages – Recipe Book by Rachel Green

Rachel is renowned for her flamboyant and outgoing personality and her new book is no exception, she has made Sausages – a family friendly, accessible cookery book and showcases the amazing versatility of sausages in 6 chapters Breakfast and Brunch, Lunch, Barbecues and Picnics, Children, Supper and Entertaining.