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Fresh Blood Black Pudding Chubb

Fresh Blood Black Pudding Chubb


THE real McCoy. If you’ve never tried it you can’t say you’ve found the best. Produced by The Fruit Pig Company in Wisbech.

1 x 400g Chubb

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Product Description

A mix of fresh blood, British oats and barley, British pork fat, onion and spices, our black pudding is incomparable to mass-produced, dried blood versions.  Succulent and rich, we supply our pudding to some of the finest eateries in the land. Tom AikensTom KerridgeThe Duck and Waffle and The Hawksmoor Group all use it.

To cook: Slice, remove outer skin, quickly grill or fry both sides to ‘crozzle’ making sure inside is piping hot.


Ingredients & Allergen Information

Ingredients & Allergen Information

Fresh, local pigs’ blood (28%), British pork fat (24%), British OATS and BARLEY, onions, salt, spices.

There is no wheat, maize, dairy, chilli, nitrate or sulphite in Fruit Pig black pudding.

Ingredient salt contains E535 anti-caking agent.