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  • xmas2021

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15 x 9 Farmhouse Chipolatas

Traditional Lincolnshire chipolata made to our secret recipe, with a minimum of 80% pork, breadcrumbs and an additional 25% sage and seasonings for a stronger flavour. Packed in trays of 9 sausages for convenient home freezing. Approximate weight 5kg.

£52.75 £49.75
Gluten Free Black Pudding Packs

Scrumptious and sumptuous, and the only one of its type available online in the UK. Made by the Fruit Pig Company in Wisbech.

Price per pack, 4 slices. Average pack weight 200g-220g.


7 Day Meat Box for 2

A selection of meats to provide you with the basis for 7 great meals.


Grana Padano

Though similar to Parmigiano Reggiano (Parmesan),  Grana Padano is inexpensive because areas producing the cheese are bigger. Moreover, Grana is less crumbly, milder and less complex than its long-aged sibling.

30 x 9 Boston Chipolatas

Traditional Lincolnshire chipolata made to our secret recipe, with a minimum of 80% pork, breadcrumbs, sage and seasonings. Packed in trays of 9 sausages for convenient home freezing. Approximate weight 10kg.

£94.50 £88.50
Chicken Saddle

A large succulent double chicken breast on the bone. Marinated in a garlic & sweet pepper sauce.

10 x 6 Pork & Stilton Sausages

These sausages have a smooth and creamy taste with the distinctive blue cheese flavour. Simply delicious! Storage – Packed in trays of 6 for convenient home freezing. Approximate weight 4.6kg.

£51.00 £48.00
Sticky Ginger Pudding – 390g

It all began with the Sticky Toffee Pudding. Cartmel started baking it in the shop’s back kitchen and selling it in the front a good 20 years ago. Not long after, they thought we’d try adding a bit of warming ginger, just to spice things up a little. But how would that go down with our diehard Sticky Toffee Pudding fans? Let’s just say that when someone coined the phrase ‘selling like hot cakes’ they could well have been talking about their Sticky Ginger Pudding.

Serves 3 – 4

Please note – The pudding will be sent frozen and have a frozen best before date. If the product has defrosted on arrival, store in the fridge and consume with 7 days.

Fresh Free Range Goose

Free Range Goose purchased from Norfolk Geese as day olds in April. After three weeks they live outside grazing free-range over large grass paddocks. They are fed on all-natural foods – grass, corn and potatoes, no additives or growth promoters. The meat is rich and moist, the fat produced makes the ultimate roast potatoes.

Please note this product is freshly prepared for Christmas, and therefore will only be available for delivery from Monday 20th December onwards.

Home Produced Lincolnshire Creamed Honey – 340g

A fantastic creamed honey produced by Croft Apiaries

Extra strong reusable Eco bag

Impress your friends and help save the planet with our extra strong Eco bag. The extra long handles make carrying heavy shopping on the shoulder easy and comfortable.

Onion Marmalade – 365g


Raw Cane Sugar, Onions (35%), Citrus Pectin, Redcurrant Juice, Vinegar, Olive Oil, Lemon Juice, Spices.

Gluten Free
Cook the sausages in the oven until almost done. Drain off the fat and put the Onion Marmalade on top. Finish in the oven for 5 mins; place the sausages on a bed of mashed potato. Stir a little red wine into the pan juices for a brilliant onion gravy.

English Half Leg Shank

Outdoor reared local Lincolnshire lamb, that is extremely tender. Cooked to perfection its some of the best lamb you will taste. Serves 6 -8. Storage – remove from packaging and consume within 4 days. Suitable for home freezing.

Farmhouse Sausage Meat – 5kg pack

Made using the traditional Farmhouse sausage recipe  with extra sage & pepper and filled into 1lb tubes. Great for stuffing, sausage rolls, meatballs and burgers. Suitable for home freezing.

£50.50 £47.50
Rapeseed Oil – 250ml

Pressed and filtered by methods used to extract the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil Rapeseed oil contains half the amount of saturated fat as olive oil Contains omega 3 & 6 – essential fatty acids which help protect the heart and lower cholesterol Rapeseed oil is a source of vitamin E Multi use – it has high heat tolerance, smooth texture and a natural flavour It can be used for frying, baking and roasting as well as in marinades, salad dressings, sauces and drizzling Made from the finest of oilseed rape; grown, pressed and bottled in Lincolnshire.