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7 Day Family Meat Box

A selection of our finest meats to provide the basis of 7 great meals, including a roasting joint for Sunday lunch.

‘Perk Up’ Ground Coffee – 227g

Say hello to the day with this fruity fusion of Arabica beans from El Salvador and Malawi that give a crisp, citrus blend swirled with deep, earthy tones.

Mountain’s Boston Sausage Wooden Crate

Made from solid wood in Boston our stunning little boxes have so many uses .

Full of Beans Coffee Beans – 227g

Origins: Brazil/ Honduras/ Indonesia/ India

Notes of: Almonds/ dark chocolate/ rich body

A traditional Italian roast, rich and full of body. We use 15% Robusta to give an authentic Italian intensity. Expect a smooth nutty body with a rich, dark and slightly bitter chocolate aftertaste. This coffee is dark roasted to encourage a rich flavor when accompanied with milk.

Pocklington’s Luxury Plum Bread With Cherries

The Traditional Plumbread is based on the recipe of Myra Pocklington; the wife of our founder with added Cherries and Spices. She would bake the Plumbread, allow it to cool then serve to the farm hands – covered in home churned butter and a slice of thick, cheddar cheese.

Stokes Gold Medal Tea – 50 bags

Weight: 211g (1 box)

Our award winning house blend, created by Robert Stokes over a century ago and stocked throughout the UK.  Stokes Gold Medal tea bags offer a rich and satisfying drink and are especially blended for hard water areas.

1 box includes 50 tea bags

Modens Plum Bread

Award winning fruit loaves contain plump sultanas and raisins. They are made and moulded by hand, and then baked in individual tins. This gives them their distinct Modens shape, and the benefit of a golden crust all the way around the product.




Welbourne’s Special Plum Bread 650g

Packed full of fruit, this award winning plum bread has received many awards for it’s quality and taste. The famous award winning Welbourne plum bread has always been the bakery’s speciality and still has the same recipe as it did all those years ago apart from shortening being used instead of lard. For more information about this great Lincolnshire business please visit, http://www.welbournesbakery.com/

2 x English Lamb Loin Chops

Half a Barnsley chop. Outdoor reared local Lincolnshire lamb, that is extremely tender. Cooked to perfection its some of the best lamb you will taste. Fantastic when served with new potatoes, fresh asparagus and mint sauce. Storage – remove from packaging and consume within 4 days. Suitable for home freezing.

2 x Minted Lamb Rumps

Succulent and tender and marinated in a mint and rosemary sauce. Slow roast for approx 1hr 30 mins. Serves 1

Lamb Leg Steaks 500g

Cut from English legs of lamb. Lean and tender.

Diced Rump of Lamb 500g

Lean diced leg of Lamb

2 x Plain Lamb Shanks

The perfect dish-succulent Lamb shank. With this pack of mouth watering shanks you can experience a restaurant favourite in your own home. Tastes perfect slow cooked or braised.

Minced Pork – 500g

Lean shoulder of pork. Ideal for meatballs and a healthy alternative to many minced beef recipes. Storage – remove from packaging and consume within 4 days. Suitable for home freezing.

Premium Scotch Topside

Lean, full of flavour and extra tender. Our premium Scotch topside roasting joint is hand rolled and covered in a layer of flavour enhancing fat. Ideal as an economical roasting joint and perfect for sandwiches, “if there’s any left!”

Scotch Rolled Sirloin

Prime Scottish rolled sirloin is the ultimate in beef roasting joint. The covering of fat on this matured cut helps to baste the joint giving you slice after slice of succulent, tasty beef. Ideal for dinner parties or other special occasions. Suitable for home freezing.